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To be delivered as close as possible to 6/21/17, orders received 5/23/17 and after
are subject to being shipped cut only. Printed insert card and ziploc
poly bag will be shipped with the cut plates for local packaging by the Shop.

Phrase Reservations & Proofing
1 Reserve Your 2017 FabricPlate™ Phrase(s) & Design in Two Easy Steps
2 View Your 2017 Phrase Reservation(s) & View/Approve Proofs
3 Edit/Modify FabricPlate™ Reservation(s) Prior to Proofing
Your Listing on the Quilters' 2017 FabricPlate™ Shop Finder/Trip Planner Page
4 Create/Update your ShopPost™ message and edit listing to 2017 Rowers !
Plate & Display Ordering
5 Review 2016 Plate Quantity Before Ordering for 2017 for returning Shops only
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*6* Order 2017 FabricPlate™ and/or Fabric DISPLAY Items
7 Shop View 2017 FabricPlate™ Orders, Production Status & Shipment Tracking
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Bobbin the Robin On the Go Charm Cars Pin Panel Inpinity Pin Panel
Pincushion Pattern 5" x 5" 100% cotton 12" x 18" 100% cotton 12" x 18" 100% cotton

Road Trip Mini Stamp Road Trip Stamp Panel Buggies & Cars Pin Panel 2017 Row Quilt Labels
6" x 7" 100% cotton 18" x 21" 100% cotton 12" x 18" 100% cotton 4.5" x 6.5"

+ + =
Basic Where Ya' Been Pattern/CD Printable Travel Stickers & More Projects Basic WYB Pattern CD Upgraded to include On the Go Printable Stickers On the Go
100% Cotton
Printed Stickers Panel
Where Ya' Been On the Go Pattern/CD/Printed Stickers Bundle
45% Savings !
A la carte A la carte A la carte BEST VALUE BUNDLE!

Where Ya' Been On the Go Bundle maps Your 2017 journey in a 54" x 64" *
quilt with Timeless Treasures fabric coordinates** and Zebra Patterns ...
... FabricPlate™ Only Projects or ...

... Mix and Match FabricPlates™
Stamps, Charms & Photos !

The FabricPlate™ only project image above is available to Shops as a 100% cotton 36" x 48" printed panel. Intended for in-store promotional purposes. An 11" x 17" printed card stock poster of the FabricPlate™ only project image at left is mailed w/each WYB/OTG order for in-store promotional purposes.
* Approximate finished size of Where Ya' Been quilt. ** Timeless Treasures fabrics available seperately from Timeless Treasures and/or Authorized Distributors
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